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What participants are saying:

Donna C.jpg

“I'm loving these [Zoom] classes. It's helpful to be led and gently ‘pushed’ by you. In this time of self-isolation it's great to have people to MOVE with!”  - Donna C., 54 

"I want you to know how much I reallly appreciate your classes and your extraordinary patience. You alone have probably extended our active lives by a significant amount."  


"I love the Barre exercises.  Especially helpful to me because I am still working on my left leg from my surgery.  These exercises are so much more fun than PT for sure.  Thank you!"

"The Wednesday morning class is great.  Really felt my abs and other muscles this week, and love getting an early start on the day.– Dianne, 69

“[I like] the regularity of the schedule, and the convenience and efficiency of participating from home. The level of workout is great for creaky old bones.  It shocks me how much flexibility I have lost, but there you are. You are so encouraging!” – Judy H.

“I love how accessible this class is!  I know that if I’m feeling full of energy you will show me how to advance the moves and get a more powerful workout. I also appreciate that if I’m struggling to get myself to class, I can follow along at any level I need and still get a great workout.”   – Melanie F., 64


 "Liz offers excellent pace and clear instructions . . . "

– Mary, 45


"Exercise routines designed for mature men and women, and strong encouragement to make the routine more challenging.”

– Meghan, 66


“I would not do this on my upbeat and positive.” 

– Penny R., 65


 “Working with others helps me to stay accountable. I like that you encourage modifying the exercises, and the time works for me.”

– B. A., 60  


Peter Cormier.jpg

“Liz keeps me fit.” 

 – Pete C., 67

"I like exercising with a familiar instructor with a sense of humor. Keeps me in shape and I like the weekly routine." – Josie,  64

“Since I started taking your class I have appreciated the variety of balancing weights, cardio, floor work and some dancing.  I never know quite what to expect.” – Diane, 65


“You motivate me. Class makes me feel good physically and mentally.”  – John, 78


 “Your considerable motivational skills prompt me to participate in exercises/stretch programs three to four times per week.” 

– Tom, 68


 “I love strengthening my core and knowing you are always there.”  – Katie, 62


 “I appreciate the consistency of class three times a week, the use of weights, and the benefit of raising [my] heartbeat. I also like that [class] isn’t too long. Your enthusiasm is very motivating.”  

– Richard, 65


“[Your class] gives me a schedule. It makes me feel better and stronger. It helps me balance, which may be starting to be a problem. It also helps me sleep better. I enjoy your presence, even on Zoom.” – Howard, 77

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