What participants are saying:

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“I'm loving these [Zoom] classes. It's helpful to be led and gently ‘pushed’ by you. In this time of self-isolation it's great to have people to MOVE with!”  - Donna C., 54 

“[I like] the regularity of the schedule, and the convenience and efficiency of participating from home. The level of workout is great for creaky old bones.  It shocks me how much flexibility I have lost, but there you are. You are so encouraging!” – Judy H.

“I love how accessible this class is!  I know that if I’m feeling full of energy you will show me how to advance the moves and get a more powerful workout. I also appreciate that if I’m struggling to get myself to class, I can follow along at any level I need and still get a great workout.”   - Melanie F., 64


 "Liz offers excellent pace and clear instructions . . . "

- Mary, 45


"Exercise routines designed for mature men and women, and strong encouragement to make the routine more challenging.”

- Meghan, 66


“I would not do this on my own...so upbeat and positive.” 

- Penny R., 65 


 “Working with others helps me to stay accountable. I like that you encourage modifying the exercises, and the time works for me.”

- B. A., 60  

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“Liz keeps me fit.” 

 Pete C., 67

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"I like exercising with a familiar instructor with a sense of humor. Keeps me in shape and I like the weekly routine."

Josie,  64

“Since I started taking your class I have appreciated the variety of balancing weights, cardio, floor work and some dancing.  I never know quite what to expect.” - Diane, 65


“You motivate me. Class makes me feel good physically and mentally.”  - John, 78


 “Your considerable motivational skills prompt me to participate in exercises/stretch programs three to four times per week.” 

- Tom, 68


 “I love strengthening my core and knowing you are always there.”  - Katie, 62


 “I appreciate the consistency of class three times a week, the use of weights, and the benefit of raising [my] heartbeat. I also like that [class] isn’t too long. Your enthusiasm is very motivating.”  

- Richard, 65


“[Your class] gives me a schedule. It makes me feel better and stronger. It helps me balance, which may be starting to be a problem. It also helps me sleep better. I enjoy your presence, even on Zoom.” - Howard, 77